Registration and Tuition Fee: A registration fee of $175.00 and first month’s tuition is to be paid at time parents turn in the registration form for the child’s admission to school. The fee and first month’s tuition in NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason including potty training issues. The only exception made is in the event the family relocates outside of the county. Please keep this in mind before registering your child for the preschool. If your child is not potty trained by start of school year you

can hold your spot in the class by paying monthly tuition until child is potty trained; OR you can pull the child from the school and lose your registration fee and first month’s tuition. If you pull your child and they are later potty trained and there is a space available the preschooler can take that space; The preschool will apply your registration fee and first month’s tuition to the remainder of the school year. Please contact the preschool director if you have any questions regarding this policy.

If you have come upon financial hardship, please know that we are available to discuss assistance through our scholarship program and payment plans.

Tuition and registration fees are not permitted to be carried over to the following school year, future school years and between family members. Openings or spots will not be held for a family. As stated above, tuition and registration are both non-refundable.

This policy was amended on August 28, 2020 by The Church of The Covenant Preschool Board.