The Church of the Covenant Preschool is a christian based education that believes that the family is the most important and fundamental unit of our faith. We believe God has placed a special call in this congregation to reach out to the young families of Washington Pennsylvania, and to help them to develop strong family relationships with one and another and with our Lord Jesus Christ. 


The Church of the Covenant Preschool believes that each child is a unique person created by God who will grow in his or her  special way.  We seek to provide an informal learning environment, the  kinds of experience and activities that will contribute to each child’s  cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth.


2021 & 2022 Observer Reporter Best of the Best Finalist

 Won Best of the Best Preschool 4 years in a row! Finalist in Best of The Best 2021, 2022, 2023!  We are Preschool Proud!


Go to Registration tab to download the Church of the Covenant Preschool registration form and to learn more about our offerings.  Please call Miss Tamra 724-222-0190, Ext 121 for further details or to set up a time for a tour of the Preschool. We welcome you to stop by to see what we are all about.


Church of the Covenant has been ministering to the Washington, Pennsylvania community for over 50 years! And there’s another reason to celebrate as our Preschool turns 34 years old !

From Our parents

Church of the Covenant Preschool has fostered an incredible learning environment for my children.  My oldest is a graduate of the Preschool and thriving in elementary school; reading above grade level aas well as excelling socially and academically.  My second son attended T -Class (transition class between 4 year preschool and kindergarten) and received all exemplary marks during kindergarten orientation; he is more than prepared to start school in the fall.  The teachers and staff are kind, trustworthy and honest. They go above and beyond to teach the children the fundamentals before entering school while also implementing life lessons and teaching them how to be well rounded, respectful, individuals.


Amanda Dickson

Parent and Board Member