our history

We are blessed at The Church of the Covenant!


How special it is that our church has now been ministering to the Washington, Pennsylvania community for over 50 years! And there’s another reason to celebrate as our Preschool turns 33 years old!

Our mission at The Church of the Covenant Preschool is to provide a loving, nurturing, first time learning experience in a Christian environment where all children are treated as a unique creation of God. We have welcomed families of three to five year olds into this Preschool! Such a wonderful blessing!

Thirty-four years ago a preschool vision of Bonnie Lamberth, with the help of a few others, started this mission at The Church of the Covenant. Some years later Roger Johnson took it upon himself to be the Director and continued on with the vision and mission of the preschool. After some time, he then passed his pride and joy on to our current Director of 30 years, Camille Braun. There are, and continue to be, numerous families that are members of our church whose children have attended this preschool or are presently enrolled. Our Preschool attracts many people to walk through our doors and be embraced, not only by the Preschool, but our church and what it has to offer.

We have been greatly blessed with the best teachers,
who have been teaching here decades.

Raise your hearts to God in praise for 34 wonderful years of
“sparking young minds”.