All volunteers must have three clearances: Criminal History, Child Abuse , and FBI to stay in the classroom to help or be a special reader, or to celebrate birthdays. We are accepting volunteers at this time , however, we will be following masking and social distancing and hand washing at this time.

Listed below are the clearances that are required.  The 3rd clearance can be obtained or you may complete the attached letter and return if to me along with your other clearances if you have lived in PA for the last 10 years. 

  1. Criminal History:

*  Select New Record from the Record Check tab and follow the instructions through to the Certification page.  Volunteers: be sure to click on the yellow box where it says “Volunteers Only.’  When the Search Results Table appears, write down the Control Number for future reference or print the page.  click on the Control Number to go to Record Check Details.  This page is only a receipt, not your official clearance.  Print the receipt, ,if needed.  Note:  There is no charge for volunteers.  Click on Certification Form to access your official clearance, and print this page.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

  • Please make a copy of  clearance and  turn in the copy to me.
  • Child Abuse History:
  • You must create a log in, and then you will receive an email with your Keystone ID and a temporary password.  Return to the website, and scroll through the pages until you get to the log on page.  (note:  your Keystone ID is your user name)  Enter the information from the email, then you will be prompted to create a permanent password.  After that, follow the procedure on to complete the application.  Volunteers can use the “Volunteer” option.  You will need your past addresses since 1975 plus the name, relationship and age of everyone you have lived with since then.  Be sure to print the payment page before hitting the final submission button;  you will not have an option to print a receipt afterwards.  Note:  there  is no charge for volunteers.  Once you have submitted all of the information, the clearance papers will be sent by mail if you select that option.  You will also receive an email allowing you to long on and print them yourself.
  • Please make a copy of it and turn in a copy to me.
  • FBI fingerprint:
  • All volunteers are required to have fingerprints taken  unless they have been a continuous resident in Pennsylvania for the last ten years and have not been convicted of an offense under Section 6344.  Those volunteers are exempt  if they sign a waiver attesting to this.  See attachment.
  • To begin the process, go to website and enter the code; 1KG6ZJ
  • Begin with Schedule or Manage an Appointment.  Follow up with What to Bring to an Appointment, and finally locate and enrollment Center.