• Preschool COVID Policy 2021-2022

    This document will serve as our COVID-19 precautions guidelines for the 2021-2022 school year. It will be reevaluated at each board meeting using current Covid-19 data. 

    Parent Letter:
    As we look forward to the upcoming school year we are excited! We miss the kids very much. We have enjoyed the time off this summer with our families, some of whom we didn’t get to see during the pandemic, and our friends with whom we missed socializing so very much. We hope that you have enjoyed the same. We are so grateful that life has returned to normal in many capacities, but we know that Covid-19 is still a public health concern particularly for unprotected persons like our students.
    As we reflect on last school year we can’t help but be proud, our policies proved to be effective as we successfully had zero Covid cases spread from exposure at the preschool. That’s marvelous! Even when the surrounding public schools closed we remained open and healthy. We truly cannot thank our staff, students, and parents enough for your support and encouragement. We could not have gotten through last school year without you! 
    The Preschool Board has spent quite a bit of time and energy considering our options for this school year in regards to Covid-19. We must take into account several factors and at the forefront of our minds is our philosophy, “[…] experience and activities that will contribute to each child’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.” We know that our students learn best IN the classroom full time and that is how our teachers prefer to teach them. We want to do everything in our power to ensure that our students can remain in the classroom with their teachers, healthy, and happy. 
    We are closely watching local Covid data and recommendations from public health experts, particularly those who specialize in pediatrics. It is clear that layered strategies are best for controlling the spread of Covid-19. These include mask wearing, physical distancing, and cohorting classes, all things that we did to the best of our ability in the 2020-2021 school year. Our students are in a population that is still vulnerable to Covid-19 and we want to do our best to protect them while having them in the best education setting that we can provide. We also feel that enough is now known about Covid-19 that we can be lenient with some of our guidelines from our original Covid policy. 
    For the 2021-2022 school year we plan to constantly reevaluate local data, CDC, PADOH, and AAP recommendations for preschool students. We will do this monthly or more often if deemed necessary. What you read below will be our plan for opening school, but could change as the school year progresses.
    • Students and unvaccinated teachers and staff will be required to wear a mask or face shield while they are in the classroom, halls, and other interior parts of the building with the exception of the gym.
    • We will welcome back therapists, behavioral specialists, etc. and require that they follow our current staff guidelines.
    • We will welcome back outside programs (like the zoo animals) and require that those persons follow our current staff guidelines. 
    • We will resume field trips.
    • Students will NOT be required to wear a mask during play time in the gym.
    • Students will NOT be required to wear a mask while playing outside.
    • We will bring back the Fun & Fitness program, it will be conducted in the gym where we have the ability to spread out. Students will NOT be required to wear a mask.
    • We will continue to have a daily snack. 
    • Parents will resume drop off and pick up INSIDE! There is not an ability to physically distance so we do require masks for ALL adults for the safety and protection of others.
    • We hope that we will be able to resume Christmas and Spring programs!
      As previously stated, we will reevaluate these guidelines with current information monthly. Our goal is to have our students and staff in the classroom and healthy. We have consulted with church staff and this aligns with their plan for youth in the church this fall.